Property Priority Order of precedence

If a uDeploy property is defined in multiple places, its value is determined by the property priority or order of precedence. The following list defines the order of precedence from highest to lowest:

– Process
– Component version
– Resource
– Agent
– Environment
– Component
– Application
– System

If you have an environment property named ${p:environment/app.url} and a resource property with the same name, you can refer to the resource property by using ${p:app.url} or ${p:resource/app.url}.

Because the resource property is higher on the order of precedence than the environment property, in this case you must refer to the environment property by using the scoped format: ${p:environment/app.url}.

Anyway if you have a Replace Tokens Step, priority depends on the order of the Property List . Let’s suppose to have an environment property and an agent property with same name: hostname.fqdn

If Property List is like:


agent property will win.

If Property List is like:


environment property will win.