UrbanCode Deploy – License Server Installation

To use IBM UrbanCode Deploy 6.x.x or 7.x.x, you need to install a Rational Common Licensing environment, import acquired licenses, and apply those licenses to the IBM UrbanCode Deploy servers and agents.

For enterprise environments configure IBM Rational License Key Server in a fault-tolerant configuration (redundant servers). Redundant servers are a system of three servers that work as a team to manage a single pool of floating license keys.

If one of the servers goes down, the other two license servers automatically continue managing the license pool. This type of redundant configuration requires that a minimum of two license servers are running at all times. If any two license servers no longer work, the third license server does not serve licenses. Two servers must be operating to serve licenses to clients.

Remember: You must have the license key file for redundant UNIX servers. Go to the Rational License Key Center and request a license for redundant servers. License Key Center will ask you for the primary, secondary and backup servers. Be sure to specify the redundant servers in the correct order:

Hostname1 is the primary server
Hostname2 is the secondary server
Hostname3 is the backup server

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