Environment Gates & Version Statuses

Do you want to take control on which version of your application can be deployed into Production environment? IBM UrbanCode Deploy Environment Gates and Version Statuses can help you.

This example will show you how to define policies to allow Production deploy only if application has passed QA environment deploy.

Go to Settings -> Statuses

Add a new Version Status and name it:  QA PASSED

This status can be applied to component versions and checked with environment gates to ensure that versions meet certain criteria before deployments.

Now let’s set up our Environment Gate.

Go to Applications -> “Application Name” -> Configuration -> Environment Gates and add the condition “QA PASSED” to Production Environment

This means that only versions that have the status “QA PASSED” are allowed to be deployed to PROD environment.

Now I’ll show you how to define a component process using the “Add Status to Version” step in the IBM UrbanCode Deploy:

Create a component process and add two steps: Switch step and Add Status to Version step:

Enter the value: QA in the arrow between two steps

Open the first step and set:  environment.name as Property name

Open the second step  and set: QA PASSED as Status

When you deploy your application in QA it will be added the status version QA PASSED.

When you deploy in Production Environment deploy will place only if the component status version  is set to QA PASSED.

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