How to update configuration files with UrbanCode Deploy

How often do you need to update configuration files of your applications?
Do you need to automate this process? Let me show you how to do it with uDeploy.

We have a component and we are going create a component process.

Create a Shell step and call it “Clean Working Directory”. Then create a “Download Artifacts” and a “Replace Tokens” steps with properties below.

Clean Working Directory properties

Download Artifacts properties

Replate Tokens properties:

Specify a property list in the Property List field.

For example, to use all component environment properties as tokens, specify ${p:environment/allProperties}. To use all component properties as tokens, specify ${p:component/allProperties}.

Other properties are:

After Replace Tokens create “Delete Files and Directories” and “Copy Directory” steps:

Delete Files and Directories properties

The base directory is the directory where files and directories are deleted.
Include **/* specifies to delete all files.

Copy Directory properties

Source Directory is the directory to copy.

Destinations directories are the directories to copy to, separated by newline characters.
Include files is a list of pattern, separated by newline, that describe the files to copy. The default **/* include all files.

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